Laura Deas

British Skeleton Athelete

Laura Deas British Skeleton Athelete

Laura Deas is one of Great Britain’s top skeleton athletes. She is currently competing on the World Cup tour and is aiming to make it to the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

What’s skeleton I hear you ask? Well, imagine Cool Runnings, but instead of being in the relatively safe enclosure of a bob sled, you’re reaching speeds close to 80mph (130kph) lying face down, head first on a something that looks like a space age tea tray. Mental.

With Laura’s profile increasing on a daily basis I was tasked with creating a website that would help to promote her further and give anyone looking to find out more about her, the relevant information.

Laura Deas British Skeleton Athelete

It was an important requirement to not have to rely on Laura to create content for the site. What with training and competing, she isn’t left with a lot of time to do anything else. But she is very active on both Facebook and Twitter, so we were able pull in her feeds in order to give a feeling of activity.

This was a project that I undertook alone, so was involved directly in the UX, the design and even the build and is something that both I and Laura are very happy with.

It’s currently in the process of jumping through all of the relevant hoops, that something as large and game changing as this, would be expected to.

Role: UX, Design, Build
Company: Things Not Theory
Photography: Caco Vaccaro