Ballantine's LAI

Ballantine’s LAI (Leave An Impression) was an installation at both Zurich and Amsterdam Schiphol airports that allowed travellers to pass time before their flight by exploring both their individuality and the Ballantine’s range. This culminated in an abstract self portrait which in-turn translated into a suggested cocktail that would suit your individuality.

The aim of the project was to put Ballantine’s at the forefront of travellers' minds as they worked their way through duty free, and to encourage the expression of your individuality by leaving your digital impression forever etched on the website.

Ballantine's LAI - Website & Tablet App
Ballantine's LAI - Tablet App
Ballantine's LAI - Website

I was involved in the design of both the website and the app, which was used as part of the installation an interactive menu, that at first suggested your ideal cocktail but then allowed you to view other drinks on offer, based on your preferred Ballantine’s blend.

Role: Design Lead
Company: Havas Work Club