Digital Lab

Ballantine's Digital Lab

Ballantine’s Digital Lab is an internal platform that aims to encourage collaboration amongst both the global and local Ballantine’s marketing teams during the initial creative ideation process.

The project came about for two reasons. The first was to encourage collaboration and conversation among Ballantine’s numerous local markets, during the initial ideation phase. And the second was to get a feeling of “buy-in” into each idea so that money and time wouldn’t wasted on developing something that will only be taken up by a couple of markets.

We achieved this by creating a website that would allow all markets to post their ideas and concepts. They were then given the opportunity to discuss it with their peers through commenting, showing their interest through votes, and even putting a marker in the sand by pledging their support to the idea which would be a soft commitment to running the campaign in their market should it get made.

Ballantine's Digital Lab - Website
Ballantine's Digital Lab - Website

All of this in a site that had to work in IE8, only.

As design lead I worked closely with UX and front-end in order to create an experience that would be easy to get involved with, and a look and feel that both represented the brand and the idea of togetherness.

Role: Design Lead
Company: Havas Work Club